About us

The Foundation:
Founded on September 15, 2003 (Spun off an operation founded in 1988 by the same owner): with total of 20 years in business. A work force of: biomedical / clinical engineering professionals and pharmacists with vast experiences in medical technology in addition to sales and services of medical equipment, drugs, and supplies.  Working together in marketing and sales of highly technical products for specialized fields of medicine such as Neurology,  Cardiology, Cardio surgery, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Laparoscopic Surgical, Radiology, Electrophysiology, and Critical Care Medicine.

The strategy:
Direct, continuous, and professional product promotion utilizing high-tech knowledge and market research on own and competitor’s products.
Stocking and just-in-time supplying products to the medical community at relaxed and flexible terms of sale.
Providing clinical and technical support in addition to assisting physicians and technicians in obtaining proper training in order to enhance product familiarity and user capabilities with application ease.

Future Outlook:
Continued efforts to increase sales and market share for existing products through constant market follow-up complemented with up-to-date consultation with principals.
Expand in product diversity to complement existing lines thereby strengthening and entrenching relations with clients while concentrating on state of the art medical technologies.
Strengthen presence in the region with more key products and Provide suppliers with clinical support regionally to enhance product familiarity and maximize the clinical benefit thereof. Enhance financial resources to support efforts to maintain and increase high market shares and to grow with the market as most sectors are growing at double digit percentage on an annual basis.

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